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  • Blossom is a refined floral painting that indulges the senses. Its unique and enticing drawing transforms it into the focal point in any space. Equally luxurious and intriguing it perfectly complements a glamorous decoration.

  • With a creativity without limits, Jetclass has developed the Butterfly lighting frame. Inspired by the nature represented by a butterfly silhouette, it is a blend of enchanting fantasy and effective reality. ‘Design-art’ is an appropriate terminology to describe this new orientation which highlights unique objects with a whiff of functionalism. Butterfly creates an intimate ambiance while playing with a sense of depth.

  • Deluxe surprises by its elegant but functional look. A washstand that offers simplicity and classic lines matching any bathroom design. 

  • The Diptic painting is the result of a new concept that features art and design. Movement, rhythm and graphics blend together in a unique and collectable object that makes the difference.

  • A lacquered or made of wood veneer structure with a stainless steel frame make this unique tea trolley the perfect decorating idea. The metallic details and the original aesthetics are the focus point of this piece that conveys a distinctive and wonderful look to any space.

  • A truly artwork, Lotus is a frame that arises from a mix of different fabrics. The best complement for the home decor, its geometric pattern aims to bring strength to any room.

  • An exquisite creation that adds artistic beauty to any home decor, Mystery is an enigmatic piece with a beautiful shape capable of defining an interior. This handcrafted folding screen is made with upholstered wooden panels and is available in different fabrics and finishes.

  • Petra is an elegant column with a simplistic design where its top and base are interlinked in an unconventional way. Fully customizable, it allows to make a combination between the lacquers, wood veneers and stone melamines.

  • Towards the fascination with all wild things, from exotic textures to the delicate feather silhouettes, the intriguing Plume captures the mystic and seduction that lies behind nature. This painting raises the level and expands the limits of design with a basis on an elegant composition and gracious lines. An exquisite creation that was designed to add a note of distinctive charm to a room.

  • In the search for different decoration pieces, Jetclass created the Sunrise, an unusual frame made of various fabrics, which you surely won’t be able to resist. A handmade creation full of glamour and sophistication, it transmits delicacy, enticing beauty and splendour.

  • An unexpected piece of furniture that can be used singularly or in a combination of different sizes. Twiggy column is a piece thought to be included in any kind of decor in order to enrich the interior design project.

  • When a piece of design is a piece of art. A unique objet that gathers together the majesty of texture and the simplicity of the graphic element, Urban painting represents a soulful statement decoration item ideal for elegant rooms with an artistic spirit.