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  • Coupling a cosmopolitan and a classic approach, Beatrice expresses itself through a profusion of rich and rare materials. Through custom finishes and colours to suit any master bedroom or closet, this dressing table can interact with different styles without losing its natural beauty.

  • Crown collection: precious materials, traditional manufacturing process, classical shape and design. Jetclass’ artistic and productive skill orchestrates different elements and imposes its own unique and inimitable interpretation of the bedroom design.
    This dressing table comprises a jewellery case incorporated in its top.

  • Deluxe surprises by its elegant but functional look. A dressing table that offers storage, simplicity and classic lines matching any bedroom design. 

  • An exquisite piece of furniture with a classic inspiration. Rich in details, the Glamour dressing table reflects the importance of having an accent piece in the interior decoration.

  • Manhattan is a unique dressing table in the sense that it combines delicacy with a strong contrasting character. Perfect for a contemporary setting, it adds a touch of elegance to the bedroom decor and its simplicity allows it to pair with any style of furniture. Discreet but at the same time intense in presence, it is the perfect example of how the design can be simple and decisive.
    There is the possibility of upholstering the top with a synthetic leather.

  • Oxford is a sleek and stylish dressing table. Its body is entirely made of waterproof MDF and it is accented by a stainless steel feet detail and nacre handles. Representing the best from Scandinavian design roots, it is able to respond to the most demanding challenges of a scenario that is both exquisite and graceful, illustrated by vintage and romantic touches.

  • Unconventional and with the power to transport us to noble ages, Spacium is a dressing table that conveys grandiosity and presence in the interior decoration. With an extremely accurate refinement and meticulous work, it is a piece of furniture with structural lines that involve and fascinate us.

  • Venezia is a classic dressing table that reflects the passion for aesthetics and details in the furniture. A structure with intrinsic particularities and a precious carving embodies an iconic piece that gives a romantic touch to the bedroom’s decor.