Ready for a remodelling project? Looking to create a more natural space? Count on the amazing tips we have for you and shine in your earth tones decor.

Decorating in earthy tones is to decor with natural colours that end up creating a welcoming, serene, peaceful and nature friendly atmosphere. This tones are warm and soft. But, after all, what are the colours we are talking about?  They can vary a lot, going by different tones of brown, beige, green, blue and grey.

Image description: Living room in earth tones with settee, coffee table, side tables, table lamps and bench.

Stuart Coffee TableLoft Side TableOttis Table LampGrace SetteeJazz Bench


Earth tones for Interior Design – Mix different types of Brown!

Create around you a neutral, relaxing and comfortable environment through the earth tones colours. The delicacy and colours of Clover Side Table are the perfect combination for a discrete decor element in earth tones.

Contrast the dark brown of Exoctic Wood veneer of this side table with a set of elegant dining chairs, like Dixie Chair, in light brown, around the dining table, with a beige sofa, like Da Vinci Curved Sofa. Evidently, the fabrics choice is customisable and so, you can choose the colours and textures you like the most.

You can also paint the walls in another brown tone for a perfect harmony.

Image description: Clover side table with table top, earth tones, and feet lacquered in black. Image description: Dining chair, from Jetclass, with fabrics in earth tones.

Image description: Curved sofa for living room, from Jetclass, with fabric in earth tones and wood.

Bring Green Details to Your Space

Get inspired on the outdoor and bring the nature inside doors. Beyond the use of plants to enhance the space, this might as well bring some benefits to your client’s health. On the floor, on the window sill, on the shelfs or even in pendant structures, any of these will do to bring a little bit of green into the space making it feel lighter.

Image description: Living room in light earth tones with natural elements.

Knox BookcaseBubbles PendantFaith SofaClover Coffee TableClover Side TableBlake Armchair Belfast Floor Lamp


Do Not Forget the Nature Representative Accessories

Some accessories were created to bring privacy into the space or even to create an extra room. It is the case of Mystery Folding Screen, which like the name indicates, is mysterious and enigmatic! Besides, this accessory can bring sophistication with a unique design in which its essence is to recall elements from nature, all that is necessary is that the fabric you choose is in harmony.

Image description: Folding screen to create a separation, from Jetclass, with fabric in earth tones.


Other accessories with more exposure are the wall frames. Blossom is an exquisite and floral art being able to, one more time, represent elements from nature.

Image description: Living room in earth tones with floral decorative art frame.

Blossom PaintingAzure SideboardAzure Bar Cabinet | Cosmos Dining TableGrace Dining Chair


On the other hand, Lotus frame is imposing, made with different fabrics in earth tones, which means, natural colours.

Image description: Reading corner with armchair, footrest and decorative frame made of fabrics in earth tones.

Lotus Frame | Jackie Armchair | Jackie Pouf | Azure Sideboard


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