Nowadays, the time we spend at home is much longer, so it is even more necessary for you to feel well there.

An excellent way to change the environment of your home is with the use of art objects. You may bring a refined touch into your interior decoration through small changes that will make all the difference and will transform your home into a more pleasant space with a stronger identity.

Do you want to know how to use art in your home decoration? We will give you a few tips!

Artistic pieces allow you to stand out coverings and value the furniture. When the time comes to think how you can fit art into your interior decoration you must have three essential factors into consideration: your home or space style, where and how to position the arts in the environments and, at last, how the inherent conditions may affect the conservation of the object.

Paintings and framed arts are a great option to your decoration. They can be put on walls, on furniture or even close to the floor. They can be used isolated on the walls or in sets and they can add value to the remaining interior decoration of your home.

Jetclass, together with its partner Art Concepts London, will show you a few suggestions of how to use art in your home interior decoration. After all, art and interior design work side by side in the creation of dream spaces.


Arts for each type of interior decoration

The art theme must make sense along the predominant decoration style of the room where you’ll put it. Arts that portrait dead nature, landscapes or that have a Renaissance style will fit perfectly in classic or more traditional decorations. In case of a modern interior decoration, frames with an abstract style or vibrant colours might be the best option.

There are certain details that you may find in your decoration style that can become useful when choosing the art we you’ll opt for.

This frame, from the artist Antonio Mora, is an excellent example of how to create a connection between the architectural details and the art, with similar inspirations.

Azure Sideboard | Antonio Mora Art

Another type of frames that can fit into the most diverse interior decoration styles are the ones which use sentences, the typographic arts. The important factor in this type of arts is to be sure the colours and typography of the frame match with the ambience.

If you are looking for arts of this style, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer’s is the ideal artist for you. Its frames fit perfectly in modern and minimalistic decorations. He uses faces of world famous artists with their written biographies.

This arts combine perfectly whether with neutral colours as well as with vibrant ones. Regarding the remaining decoration, if we are considering a living room interior decoration, Bohème sofa from Jetclass, with its cosmopolitan style, is a great furniture example that matches perfectly with this art.

Bohème Sofa | Mille Coffee Table | Draper Armchair | Triny TV Stand | Kate Moss by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer


Colours as decorative art

Regarding colours it is important to maintain balance between the colours of the art and the colours of the decoration. This does not mean they have to be exactly the same, however, it is import to exist some similarity between the elements.

The similarity through the theme, colour, or certain patterns is essential to achieve harmony in the decoration.

The artist Sophie Derrick is well-known for the originality of her portraits and the vibrant colours she uses. In this case you can combine the colour of the frame with the furniture finding this way the desired balance. On the example below, the strong pink tones of the art match with the fabric of Scott settee from Jetclass.

Scott Settee | Valentina Armchair | Loft Desk | Jackie Chair | Art by Sophie Derrick


The art from the artist Kim Rose can also be a good option in case you want a more minimalist painting to match your decoration. Using the colours and patterns that you’ll find in your interior decoration this frame will for sure be a great choice. The way you place it is also important to give more prominence to this detail of your decoration.

In the inspiration we propose you, you can find the perfect balance between the golden stainless steel of La Scala pendants and the dark tones of Triny I dining table along with the frame.

Triny I Dining Table | Collins Chairs | La Scala Pendant Lamps | Art by Kim Rose


As you can see through this post it is easy to understand how you can use art in your home interior decoration! Remember to always stand out the ambience through the use of art demonstrating your style and keeping the decoration harmonious.

The arts mentioned in this post are available through Art Concepts London, a Jetclass partner. If you wish to include art in your decoration and need professional advice do not hesitate to contact us!