One of the most important decisions you have to consider when you’re thinking about the interior decoration of a space is the way you’re going to cover it, in other words, which fabrics to choose. There are so many options that the market offers that you may feel a little overwhelmed and even lost at the moment of choosing. Are you looking for sophistication, resistance and do you need to take special care for someone who has allergies? We help you to clarify everything. Learn how to choose the ideal fabric for your decoration.


The right fabric for your sofa and armchair

The sofa and armchair are key elements in the interior decoration of a living room.

When you’re looking for a more sophisticated decoration, the fabric you choose for these two pieces can make all the difference. Velvet, for example, is a material that transmits a lot of sophistication and, in addition, is good for colder environments.

Suede is one of the most used types of fabric currently in sofas. Made of polyester, it is ideal for those who seek comfort above all. However, due to its absorbency, it can easily get dirty and stained, so for those with children it may not be the best option. Nevertheless, if you fall in love with this type of fabric, there are options with anti-stain treatment that can be an excellent solution.

Now, we have to give you a more technical advice: pay attention to the fabric’s resistance! And how to obtain this information? Look in the specifications for martindale and make sure that the value of this indicator is at least 40,000.

Image Description: reading corner with armchair in grey velvet fabric and olive wood veneer.


How to choose the ideal fabric for your bed

The customer journey is essential in any room of the house and even more so in the bedroom. That is, if your customers like to sit and read a book, if they are in the habit of having their pets in bed, if they have allergies and, of course, their tastes.

If you’re thinking of using velvet, bear in mind that it’s usually warmer and more fur-oriented fabrics, which can make it look as if it’s ‘stained’ when you lean against it and off. Bouclé is a type of fabric that is very fashionable and allows you to combine different shades. It is cooler and always impeccable. In the case of allergies, the fabric of the bed is undoubtedly a very important point. Fabric itself already collects more dust than wood, so it’s essential to look for an anti-allergy and breathable solution. However, an ideal fabric for allergies is genuine or synthetic leather which, being less textured, absorbs less dust and is easier to clean.

When it comes to bedding it is important to consider the following: the higher the total thread count of the bedding, the softer the bedding is. A thread count (TC) between 180-280 threads can be considered excellent quality fabric.

Cotton is usually the most common material for bed linen because it is soft, non-allergenic and breathable. When you are choosing, look for the letters TC and pay attention to the number in front.

Image Description: bedroom decoration with bed and fabric mix in fur ad suede.


How to choose the right fabric for someone with allergies

For those who are allergic, the choice of fabric is essential. Those who have sensitive skin or suffer with allergies know that anything can be a reason to leave the skin irritated.

Cotton is the key! A 100% natural fabric that lets the skin breathe, weakening the build-up of dust and dust mites.

Silk is also in huge demand due to its anti-allergy properties. It is usually quite soft and pleasant to the skin.

Satin, as it is a fabric which is usually based on cotton or silk, is also considered to be anti-allergenic.

Alongside these fabrics there are linen and microfibre, which are great solutions for those who suffer with allergies.

Even so, when you are choosing your fabric, look for the indication antiallergenic and breathable.

Image Description: bedroom decoration with bed in anti-allergic faux leather fabric.


How to choose the ideal fabric for those who have pets

For those who have pets at home it is important to have a resistant and easy to clean fabric. Sometimes it’s hard to teach our friends to be careful when they end up in the comfort of a sofa!

Acquablock is a waterproof fabric made with a polyester and cotton base that has a soft touch when compared to other fabrics for animals. It is scratch proof and sun resistant. This fabric is ideal for those who have pets due to the fact that it is very resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

As well as Acquablock, fabrics such as leather and synthetics are excellent options. Crossing off your list should be: Chenille, Jacquard, Linen, Velvet and Suede.

Image Description: decoração de sala de estar com sofás em tecido à prova de arranhões.


We hope that with these tips it will be easier for you to choose, technically, the fabrics for living room and bedroom decoration. Subscribe to our newsletter in the footer to keep up to date with the tips we have for you!