Remote work has brought with it the need to have a space at home that allows you to maintain productivity levels and day-to-day organisation. If you want to create a space where you really enjoy working and that integrates comfortably in your home, it is necessary to think about the different organisation and decoration options.

The secret is in the planning!

We believe that building and decorating a home office from scratch may have some limitations, especially when the available space is small. It is necessary to design your space taking into account the area, the size of the furniture, as well as organising cupboards and shelves in a functional way.

Decorating a home office according to your taste has a mentally powerful effect. As well as helping to keep the space tidy, you will be more productive and enjoy your time in remote work much more.

We’ve put together some home office decorating tips for you!

Image description: Home office for remote work with chair in rattan and desk in wood.

Pierre Chair | Parker DeskBernini Table Lamp


Keep the Space Organised

In times of remote working, modern home offices are essential, but they face several challenges, such as difficulty in helping you maintain concentration. So, to make your focus unwavering, one of the best solutions is to always keep the office organised. And how to do this?

  • All the office furniture you use at home, from the desks, to the chairs and decoration of the entire space, should be linked to the goal of keeping you focused on your tasks. We always advise you to purchase ergonomic furniture, such as office desks with a suitable height in relation to the chair, which should be comfortable, taking into account the number of hours you spend in your home office.
  • The organisation also goes through the correct layout of the furniture – having closer to you objects in which the use is regular, as well as a system of categorising tasks by area. A space in which there is no excessive accumulation of paper piles demonstrates organisational capacity, and in decoration/look&feel format, nothing is better for motivation than an organised and clean work environment.

Image description: Space for remote work with modular Wall bookcase, wooden desk and office chair

Weston BookcaseParker DeskJackie Office Chair


Home Office Decor – A Touch of Colour

Give a touch of colour to your office!

Colour is a statement element in the decoration of your workspace, choose a palette that goes along with your home style. Extravagant tones may make the ambience heavy and less professional but it all depends on how you are going to combine them. If you want a modern and bold home office décor, go for it!

On the other hand, if you want to play safe, light colours, pastel and neutral tones are the most recommended. With a home office décor in light tones you can make it funnier by using colourful decorating items and modern office furniture.

Image description: Home office ideal for remote work in hues of white and aquamarine with built-in bookcase.



Office and Nature Close by

The synergy between modern home offices and nature has never been as important as it is today. Exposure to natural light, which brings both physical and emotional benefits to almost everyone, is one such example. However, most offices do not have direct natural light coming in. So, when creating your home office, the choice of furniture will make much more sense when you think about the layout of the space as a whole, respecting in this way the coexistence with the surrounding natural environment, reducing the fatigue derived from exposure to synthetic lights and increasing concentration, efficiency and productivity.

You should also try to embellish your workspace with some plants, which help to transmit a feeling of serenity, which allied to a decoration focused on the organisation of your office will bring you benefits in terms of stress management and, consequently, a better remote work experience.

Image description: Home office inspired by nature, ideal for remote work. With shades of green and natural plants.

Empire Desk | Empire Sideboard


Modern and Retro Offices – The Mix

Do you prefer a vintage office or a modern office? Why not mix elements from both decorating styles?

Take the chance to combine vintage elements, such as an antique rug, with bold, modern office furniture.

Image description: Home office ideal for remote-work with vintage inspiration. Work and leisure space incorporated.

Oxford DeskCharme ArmchairCollins ArmchairBlume Coffee TableWeston BookcaseOttis Floor Lamp


Modern Home Office – The Mirror of Your Personality

Embrace your free spirit, decorate your home office with your story. Look for elements that are the mirror of your personality, items with sentimental value that will take you on a journey to the past and motivate you to move forward into the future. Add colour and decorative items that will enhance your space. Awaken the creative in you!

Image description: Home office in living room for remote work with modern inspiration.

Loft DeskJackie ChairValentina ArmchairScott SetteeMille Coffee Table


Home is meant to feel like home, and indeed many have been the remote workers who no longer want to return to the office. At least not in its entirety.

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