Mirrors are key elements in your home interior design. Besides the decorative purpose of this pieces, they also have functional advantages! Hence, they become essential for your well-being and for your home atmosphere, especially at a time when we spend more time at home.

But the truth is one: there are countless mirrors, with different shapes and sizes that can be applicable to several rooms in your home. However, we’re here to help you! Are you looking for not only functionality but also decoration elements? Then, you’re at the right place! Check on this article how to choose the ideal mirror for your decoration!

Before you start…

One of the first aspects to have consideration, on the moment of choosing the ideal mirror, is lighting.

The lighting detail can be important if you have a preference for natural light.  In this case you have to have in consideration where you’re going to put the mirror, being necessary for it to be close to a window in the interior decoration of your home.

However, you may aim to solve layout issues, turning a small space into a larger place. Decorative mirrors are the solution, once it provides a wider sense of space and reflect quite luminosity.

In addition to enlarging ambiences, this pieces have the perk that they can be positioned in various ways: vertically, hanging, in cupboards, leaning on furniture … the options are endless!

Do you want to enlarge the spaciousness of your room? Placing a rectangular mirror on the wall could be a good solution. Try to place it on top of a sideboard or console table. For this effect, decorative mirrors with carving are fantastic for those who seek to add a sophisticated touch to the space.

Image Description: Horizontal Decorative Mirror in gilded wood on top of a blue sideboard.

Louvre Mirror

Entry Hall

Having a mirror on the entry hall of your home is essential if you want to do a few finishing touches on your looks. Moreover, the entry hall decoration reflects the impression guests have of your home.

Hence, it’s crucial to have in consideration the size of your entry hall. If the space is small, the ideal will be to choose for a small round mirror. But you don’t have to stick to the merely functional mirrors, there are different rounded shape decorative mirrors with different tones or frames.

Image Description: Round decorative mirror with two tones and a wood and stainless steel console.

Apollo Mirror


Nevertheless, if it’s a big entry hall and you want to convey a modern vibe, placing a standing mirror can be a great option. Once again, ally functionality to the decoration playing with different geometric shapes and reflexions.

Image Description: Vertical geometric mirror in an entrance hall on top of a stool.

Gliss Mirror


Dining Room

When choosing the perfect mirror for your dining room it’s important to analyse a few aspects: not only the size, but also your decoration style, the furniture and the colours.

If your goal is to give a classic touch on your dining room decoration the ideal would be to go for mirrors with carving and gold finishes. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a minimalistic and modern style, the best choice would be mirrors with simple and thin frames, considering having geometric shapes and a play of scale.

Image Description: Vertical decorative mirror in a dining room, of symmetric geometric shapes.

Mirage Mirror



Bedroom decoration is equally very important, deserving a special attention from you. Decorative mirrors are key pieces that cannot be missing!

If you have a large bedroom you can opt for a big mirror. But be careful with where you’re going to put it so it doesn’t overwhelm the ambience. So, our tip is for you to choose a simple mirror, fixed on the wall next to the bed or in front of it.

It’s equally interesting to make use of the furniture you have, from chest of drawers to dressing tables, and to put above them a decorative mirror. There, round mirrors are an excellent ally.

Image Description: Round shape mirror with carving details in a bedroom on top of the chest of drawers.

Notre Dame Mirror


Is your bedroom small? There’s no problem! You can opt for mirrors that solve this small details. Choose a mirror in vertical orientation, which will take up less space and maintain the desired functionality.

Image Description: Oval decorative mirror with a worked frame in a small bedroom.

Bella Mirror | Stuart Chest of Drawers | Draper Armchair | Ottis Table Lamp


Decorative mirrors will allow you to enhance your home, whether in the bedroom, dining room or hallway the options are endless!

We hope these suggestions have sparked more ideas on how to use mirrors as an element of functionality and decoration. If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate your dining room check this article!