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  • Denver family is custom designed to furnish homes and hospitality spaces with style and elegance. Simple, the precision of their silhouette and the combination of the materials makes them sophisticated, comfortable and stable bar stools.

  • Drawn in an elegant form, with distinctive design elements and a unique touch, the Dixie bar stool is a piece of furniture that conveys the exclusive touch to any project.

  • Dixon bar stool provides an exhilarating experience of comfort, luxury and classiness. Its unique presence is provided by the elegance of its contemporary lines.

  • Strong lines and attitude embodies Jackie contemporary bar stool. Noble materials like leather or satin can be featured on this amazing piece of art capable to bring the excellence to any leisure area.

  • Keira bar stool features a remarkable aesthetics, unique materials and refined finishes. Its delicate shape makes it so desirable and special. Used in a Contract or residential project, the combination of the customisable fabrics and finishing turns it into a real masterpiece.

  • Comfort and design get together to present an upholstery proposal that will not leave anyone indifferent. With a differentiating aesthetics, Mille bar stool respect all the laws of balance and harmony between forms.

  • Simple lines draw the elegant character of Pierre. A harmonious rattan structure mixed with exquisite upholstering create this versatile and modern bar stool, an essential instrument when creating adaptable and contemporary environments.