Inspiration comes from the small details and it’s passionate how they manage to captivate us. Just like inspiration, interior decoration must equally be passionate and captivating.

That is why we’re going to show you a Jetclass project of an apartment in Paris, hoping to inspire you for your own creations.

From this moment on, we take you on a trip to Paris and open the doors of this apartment to you!


Entry Hall

The entry hall is the first impact when entering an apartment and just like the cover of a book, it’s important to catch the attention of who sees it.

Our team of designers gave a new perspective to the traditional ambience through the combination of different luxury furniture key-pieces.

From Cosmos dining table, with its set of stainless steel arches, to Royal armchair, with details intrinsic to its shape, the perfect symbiosis between modern and classic decoration was achieved.

Image Description: Entry hall with marble dining table, pearls lamp and stainless steel bookcase.

Image Description: Seating area of a hall, with an armchair, side tables and floor lamp.



The place where are the Windows can and must be exploited, especially when we’re talking of big windows.

Perhaps when we’re thinking about home decor, this might not be the first place which we seize to take advantage from. The windows, apart from the natural light they allow in, illuminate the whole space, and can also be a great decorative element, perfect for relaxing and even reading a book.

We let ourselves be inspired by this corner, in the entry hall, and quickly understood it would be perfect to place Deluxe chaise longue. Simple lines and an elegant structure make this be a key-piece in the interiors decoration of any space.

Image Description: soft green Chaise Longue in the entry hall below the windows.



In home decor, one the main attraction points is the bedroom.

In this project, for the master bedroom decoration, we created a scenario that is simultaneously classic and gracious through decorative details and extravagant finishes.

The Charme bed transpires subtlety and refinement with its vintage and romantic touch, transforming this into a truly elegant bedroom interior decoration. At the same time, this bed contrasts with the simple lines of the bedside tables and chest of drawers Amèlie.

Image Description: bedroom with white vintage bed in rattan and soft green side tables.

Image Description: bedroom with chest of drawers, mirror, pouf and armchair all in soft green.


Dining Room

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, when we’re looking for home decor ideas, it’s important to be inspired by the details that surround us. For this reason, the dining room was inspired by the surrounding space and the city where this decoration project was created.

We brought indoors the cosmopolitan side and at the same time the exquisite and original side of Paris. The concept was thought to modernize the artistic and architectural heritage already existing.

Phoenix dining table is a piece that allows the combination of different finishes, from stainless steel to marble and wood veneer and it reflects the elegance in the decoration of the dining room that the space demands.

Around the table we placed Jackie dining chairs which through its strong lines make this be a fundamental piece for those who seek to enhance any area of the house.

Image Description: dining room with contemporary table, yellow sideboard and soft green bar cabinet.


This project was, just like the city of Paris, truly passionate!

We hope you enjoyed this post about Home Decor: Jetclass Apartment in Paris and that, most of all, you’ve been inspired by this creation!

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