The coffee table is one of the key-elements in the interior decoration of your living room. And the truth is that this element can quite be the centre of attention of the room! Besides its decorative purpose, this is quite a functional piece of furniture.

In order to make the home ambience more welcoming, the coffee table must harmonize with the space’s design. Therefore, you must have in consideration the size, model and space’s dimension. Next, we show you a selection of 5 coffee tables for living room with styles from contemporary, to modern, vintage and classic, done by our interior designers.

Before Starting…

A golden tip that we can give you is that the shape of the coffee tables must fit in the shape of the space. You must opt for a square or rectangular coffee table in case the living room has a square shape. However, if the living room has a rectangular shape and you want to convey a sensation of harmony, choosing an oval coffee table can be an excellent option. Now that you have these initial tips in mind, there’s only missing to choose the perfect model for the living room! Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Materials – endless choices

Before we start with models of coffee tables for living room, there is another point that cannot fail to be talked about – the materials. Everything depends on the storytelling you created for this project. If you’re looking for something warmer opt for wood veneer or lacquers of warm tones. On the other hand, if you’re seeking to bring some irreverence into the space and you want to make this piece the centre of attentions, materials like glass, gold leaf, natural stone leaf or marble will be the right choice. Concerning the finishing, a medium gloss is the best one for scratches and small damages, but high gloss is frequently associated with luxury, mate on the other hand can bring some sensation of novelty to the space and it’s unquestionably a hot trend!


Contemporary and Minimalist Design

If the living room interior decoration is simple, the best is to choose a minimalist coffee table. Hence, we suggest a table with simpler but at the same time dashing design which transforms any living room into a unique and welcoming space. Ideal for a square shaped living room, it must be a rectangular or squared coffee table, with well determined strong straight lines. And why not a mirrored coffee table?

Image description: Mirrored coffee table Mille in a living room ambience with sofa and side tables.

Mille Coffee Tables


Mid Century – Distinctive Character

Is your goal to be updated on the latest trends and having, at the same time, a unique interior decoration? If your answer is yes, the perfect coffee table must have geometric shapes!

Mid-century pieces are a hot trend. The mix between metallic arch shaped elements, for example, and noble marble or wood veneer tops convey a distinctive touch to the decoration of the living room! After all, the richness is the details, isn’t it right?

Image description: Mid-century coffee table Cosmos with a modern blue sofa and a side table with three tops.

Cosmos Coffee Table


Wide Dimensions and Distinguishing Classics

As we told you, if the living room is wide, the best choice is an oval coffee table, or a combination of tables where you can create a game of heights.

A table with a tall foot with an oval top can be the ideal one! To enhance even more the space, choose materials such as marble or wood veneer, with discrete metallic details.

This way, if you want to convey a classic touch into your decoration, with a distinctive element, this piece is the ideal one from our selection of coffee tables for living room.

Image description: Classic coffee table Blume with a green sofa with a metallic structure and a geometric wallpaper.

Blume Coffee Table


For lovers of the art of woodworking

Wood is since always a noble material and it still is nowadays. Several wood arts have been developed, such as carving and marquetry and there’s a wide variety of options within this scope.

Unique Combinations

A simple, modern coffee table yet with a wooden game on the top, whether with different veneers or with the direction of the vein, transforms the space instantly. This technique is perfect for any design, being modern or minimalist, making your interior decoration unique.

Image description: Santos Rosewood coffee table with black lacquered legs.

Clover Coffee Table


The embelishment of carvings

Regardless of the style of the living room it is possible to choose the ideal coffee table. And why not provide it a different touch with the traditional carvings? Instead of using the natural wood tone you can apply a colourful lacquer or, if you prefer a classic touch, opt for the application of gold or silver leaf. Choose a piece that conveys a sensation of sophistication into the space.

Image description: coffee table with a carving trim, lacquered in green, with a green ceramic top.

Luxus Coffee Table


We hope this post has inspired you in your journey to find the ideal coffee table for your decoration. Of course, this is just a selection of 5 coffee tables for living room and there are much more!

If you are also seeking other elements for your living room decoration, be sure to read our article that will help you choose the ideal sofa.

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