Holiday decorations are all about evoking the cheer and warmth that the season brings throughout your home. It is time for gathering with family and sharing love, talks and plays. If you’re a fan of this season and are at the same time an avid decorator, stick to this post as we’ll guide you to the best tips for when you’re decorating a Christmas tree.

Descrição da imagem: decoração de árvore de Natal numa sala de estar com sofá curvo e lareira


1) The Tree

Lots of people like to keep the tradition by still buying a natural tree each year. Although it has some perks, like reliving memories, we consider this not to be the best. Natural Christmas trees require maintenance and cleaning quite often and are also bad for those with allergies. Thus, our advice is for you to invest in a good artificial tree that would last for many, many years. It will be better for your pocket, for the environment and it will look nicer.


2) Decorating Theme

Before starting the decoration itself you have to pick a theme. You can keep to the traditional Christmas colours like red, green and gold or choose different ones which can be bolder or softer. Something that is also essential when you’re decorating a Christmas tree and choosing its theme is the decoration you already have. Decoration tells stories through colours and materials and you should have it into consideration to keep things balanced.


3) Lights: hang them first!

After the tree is assembled the first step is to hang the lights. The wire strands usually come in green but now it is possible to find it in other colours which is great if you happen to have a tree other than green, so it remains hidden. Start at the base of the trunk and work your way up, wrapping lights around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back. You can use also different sets of lights with different colours, like a multicoloured and a white one and it can still be balanced. Nothing better than experimenting and seeing what you like best.


4) Ribbons and Garlands

Ribbons and garlands are a classic when decorating a Christmas tree! However, some people prefer not to use it if they’re looking for a more natural look. In any case, our advice is that if you like a fluffy classic tree, these two are mandatory.

For the garland, start at the top of the tree, and slowly increase the amount of garland between each layer as you work your way down the branches. You can also use more than one type of garland from a simple to a fancy one.

Ribbons are great for styling your Christmas tree. We recommend layering them and not using more than two types or it will look confusing and noisy. Also, a great tip is to choose ribbons with wired edges so you can sculpt them into the shape you want.


5) Ornaments

And now we got to the fun and final part – ornaments! Even those who like natural, minimalist trees should opt for some ornaments to add cosiness into the space.

There are different types of ornaments you can opt for when decorating a Christmas tree but, here are some basics you should know:

  • Place your favourites in prime positions first;
  • Space the ornaments evenly around the tree;
  • A balance in the size of the ornaments must be achieved, so place them interleaved;
  • Don’t place ornaments only at the tips of the branches. Closer to the trunk will provide depth and reflect the light.

Descrição da imagem: decoração de árvore de Natal numa sala de estar com o clássico vermelho e verde


This is probably the most famous of ornaments. Be sure to stick to your theme and colour palette. Opt for baubles of different sizes to create a balanced scheme and place the biggest ones closer to the tree trunk.


Natural-like elements such as Spruce, Holy berries, Yew, Mistletoe, Ivy and Poinsettia are great as subtle accents to complete the look of your tree. This way you’ll elevate the décor without overpowering it.

Tree topper

This can be your tree’s statement piece. The right tree topper is the icing on the cake. Choose one that fits your theme and your tree’s proportions, and don’t forget the height of your ceiling.


handmade, traditional ornaments are also a possibility. Depending on what you’re a fan of you can choose cartoon characters, little wood houses, animals, etc.


6) The Base

Last but not least, the base of the tree is of big importance! Usually, this is a part where most people struggle as no one wants to show it. Different options are available for this part of the decoration like skirts made of fabric, wicker or other materials and fake Christmas gifts. Yes, you can wrap boxes in your favourite wrapping paper, put a loop and hide the bottom of the tree while at the same time increasing the Christmas feeling around your home.


Finally, you can step back and watch your tree from every angle. If somewhere is not balanced be sure to make changes till you’re happy with the final result.

Christmas trees are usually placed in living spaces where giggles and memories are shared. Be sure to keep the mood cosy and warm when decorating a Christmas tree.

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